Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hot dogs

I love hot dogs when the smell of burnt matches is in the air. Pasta does not go well with the match odor though, it works better when there's a hint of Pledge in the air. Grape drink compliments both of these scenarios extremely well.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

my roommate stomps around

its pretty ridiculous.


so i bought one of those tree air fresheners for my car and its called "black ice." the name alone is pretty metal. needless to say i was stoked. so i assumed it'd be reminiscent of burning tires or the smell of fireworks. nope, it smells like axe body spray! what a rip, i mean i guess that cool because i've never partied with the cologne crowd.

also college is stupid, i'm back and i already hate it. russian criminals (and generally all successful thieves) are right, working is for idiots. maybe i'm just cranky because i have to wake up entirely too early than i'm used to in the past 5 years. on the plus side, dude in my math class looks like mitch hedberg

double also these matix business pants totally tits. get them here