Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Thursday, July 24, 2008

LA Sucks

Los Angeles sucks. I can't believe it took me a year and a half to realize that, but it's true. There's too many people here, it seems just unnecessary to have this many people call LA home. Plus, the whole city is built outwards, not upwards like normal cities. Yeah the San Andreas fault has something to do with that, as well as being the reason no one has a basement. Basements rule! The stupid freeway is a joke, on and off ramps don't line up and make sense like they do in every other part of the country. Plus there's just no chance the roads here will ever be able to efficiently move the disgusting amount of people.

If you're considering moving to LA, don't. Save yourself the misery and enjoy living anywhere else in the world. I recommend Alaska.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

reading on the bus

So. I take the bus to work now. Venice & Inglewood to 2nd & Arizona, I enjoy the trip a lot. I used to just sit on there listening to music and examining the fellow travelers. So many senoritas with little offspring riding the bus too. I love the little ones, how they laugh and smile at everything. I just stare at them while the make it through the aisle. Sometimes they smile at me, sometimes they don't and it really makes my day when the smile at me. Sometimes I try to make a charles manson face but it doesn't always work.

Anyway, now I've learned the wonders of reading on the bus. When you look like you're really into a book or can actually block out the madness people seem different. I used to feel weird when old ladies had to stand on the bus and I wouldn't give up my seat. I mean, I got their first, therefore finders keepers on the chair, i get to sit their. Effin A. Now i dont even have to acknowledge the old ladies who want my seat, I get to feel superior to them. You will not even get my glance, bitch! Take that to scheming hoes.

that's what I"ve been up to and buying new nerf guns. That will come eventually.